Great insurance for my cat - smooth claims process

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Embrace was recommended by our vet - one of the few that specializes solely on felines in the DMV area. After doing in-depth research against competitors, I decided to sign up with Embrace because of consistently positive reviews and reputation. I'm amazed at their customer service and willingness to assist.
The claims submission process is very simple. Print out a prepopulated single page form and ask your vet to fill it out after the visit. I've had two claims submissions and both have been approved with zero hassle in a short time frame.

The first submission was when my cat had fluid leaking from his ear and a heaving cough. The vet bill was in the area of $650 - Embrace covered their share after I met the deductible. During the same visit, my vet strongly recommended I take my cat to the cardiologist as a result of some unusual heart activity. That bill was about $450 and since I had already met my deductible, Embrace reimbursed me for their portion within a week. I brought the form to the vet and they faxed it to Embrace - I did nothing more than print a piece of paper. I feel very confident that Embrace has got me and my little guy covered!

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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