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Hi! Pernecia Webber here. I have a miniature beagle. He's 9 1/2 years old. Recently he was sick, and we could have lost him due to a 41 /2 lb. malignant tumor. Luckily, I took him to the vet to get him checked, found he had a foreign body (the huge mass/tumor), and made some calls to get an earlier surgery done. He survived! Yay! With the help of ASPCA=reimbursed and Care Credit=loan, I was able to pay my baby's doctor bills. Furthermore, ASPCA not only returns the favor $$$, but ASPCA (as well as I hope the Veterinary doctor, assistant, and clinic) also in return give you that sense of confident of knowing that your "fur babies" will be taken care of with an overall outstanding, and I think top best healthcare/insurance plan for cats and dogs..... By the way, I just recently put my Spot on insurance, because prior I could not afford, and still cannot. Only a little. I'm a newbie as well as my fur baby.....!!!!! ASPCA helped me tons also Care Credit, and my dogs' clinic. Kudos!

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