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I'm currently a college student and I knew that when I got my Oripei puppy I knew that I would have to face the possibility of future high medical bills due to the breed. Spending alot of money on my pup whenever something unexpected comes up is scary. However, Healthy Paws has saved me time and time again from that and it is honestly the best thing you can ever do for your pet. Whenever I take my puppy to the vet I never worry about how I'm gonna cover the cost because I know that Healthy Paws will reimburse the majority of the bill. Recently my pup got stones and had to undergo a great deal of blood work and a cystotomy surgery but because of Healthy Paws it all ended up being less than a few hundred instead of thousands. Also the speed at which they reimburse me for my claims is amazingly fast. Everyone at Healthy Paws has made the process of keeping my pup at his best much easier than I expected and I truly appreciate them. A word of advice to everyone, the sooner you enroll your pet the better because Healthy Paws not cover per-existing conditions like all pet health insurance companies. Some people do not read before they sign up and blame Healthy Paws when their vet bills are not covered. It is something that is made clear from the start that they don't.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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