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My dog needed a $10,000 an emergency back surgery. I had been a TRUPANION member for 4 years. I needed preapproval from them before anyone would help my dog. The entire ordeal became totally about money as my dogs nervous system began to slowly give out. First his back legs, then front, loss of tail movement, inability to control bladder and next were his lungs. This happened over a course of 5.5 hours while trupanion decided whether or not his surgery qualified. I KNEW IT QUALIFIED WHEN I CALLED BECAUSE THIS SITUATION WAS THE EXACT REASON I GOT HIM COVERAGE. His breed is prone to back problem as they age and he is 11. Even though I had ALL his medical records from adoption (1.5 years old) till current day on hand and ready to go they still looked for a reason to deny him. They eventually paid $8000 of the $10,000. They claim to pay for 90% of the bill but they find ways to shift as much of the cost onto you as possible. In the end they took a $6500 hit by agreeing to cover my dog (after you add how much I paid in premiums over the years, deductible, etc). They would have made a $3000 profit off of us if my dog had died. I can only assume the 5.5 hour wait for approval occurred for that reason. After agreeing to fulfill their end of the deal we both signed for, their rep threatened recourse if they later find a preexisting condition that could have led to the surgery. Then he promised my next claim would require more health history proof making my next claim even more stressful. So I'd love to say thank you for saving my dogs life to trupanion... I'd also like to say that should any of their children be put in a similar situation that their health insurance provider show more respect, compassion and effort than they showed us. PUT PLEASE I URGE YOU TO CHOOSE SOMEONE ELSE TO PROTECT YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!! I wish I had.

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Back surgery
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Over 8 years

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Posted: 04/25/2015

Hello Michael,
We appreciate your feedback, and I am very sorry to hear that your pet needed treatment for his back. We are pet lovers first and foremost, so it pains us to hear about your situation. Without knowing the full details of your policy, I can only state that we do our best to be as fair as possible when we assess claim decisions. We make decisions based on medical evidence, as well as the content within our policy. I urge you to contact us if you would like a further explanation of how your claims were handled.

Best regards,