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This is related to the Banfiled Wellness Plan. My dog was under this plan since 2009 and last year Banfiled cancelled the wellness plan in December without telling me. They did send me a note to renew my credit card information and I did and they collected two months of payments (the month I missed and the current month at that time). I was assuming the part I needed to be done is done because they took out money from my card without any problem. Because I set up an auto-payment and it was just $37.xx a month, I didn't really pay attention until recently I've noticed they stopped charging me. So this morning I called to see why my plan got cancelled, the customer service representative couldn't find out the cancellation reason and willing to waive the "member fee" and let me re-enroll again but because my husband was the primary account holder, he needed to call and confirm. Then lunch time came and my husband called me and told me that Banfield asked him to go to the hospital in person and enroll all over again. So I called the customer service, explained the situation and this time, the answers I got were either enroll as a new pet under my name or my husband needs to go to the hosptal in person to ask if the manager willing to waive the fee. Sounds to me they care about the enrollment fee more than a customer of 5 years. I don't see anything I had done wrong to make them cancell the plan and I did what they asked me to do for them to collect monthy payment. The staff and doctors there are very helpful and nice but this Wellness Plan doesn't treat their loyal customers right.

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Posted: 06/28/2015

so many complaints mainly about customer service and the manner in which management poorly handles customer concerns. I would think twice before enrolling with this group. lots of DISSATISFIED customers.