Stones away!

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My 7 year old Dalmatian was having trouble urinating, and when she did go, it was grossly bloody. My home vet thought it was a urine infection, but after a treatment she suspected stones. I brought the dog for X-rays, and sure enough over 100 stones. She had the surgery that same day and had to stay 2 nights. When I was given an estimate of the cost I told them I had Embrace, and sure enough they had literature there. My other Dal had ACL repair and it was covered without incident. Guess what, so was this one. No issues, no problems. I love this company. To file a claim is easy, the people are nice, and I no longer worry if something big happens. Twice now I have been extremely satisfied and impressed.

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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