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About a year ago I learned about pet insurance, and after researching different companies I chose Healthy Paws; I was able to insure my 4 year old dog Kevin (180 lb mastiff/dane) at a very reasonable rate. After being a customer for a year or so, he developed a limp that persisted despite conservative treatment. He was found to have a completely torn CCL/ACL had TTA surgery. Healthy Paws covered the surgery as promised, and the process was extremely straightforward. Not so easy that it was weird: they asked for appropriate documentation but were OK with the fact that his vet in a different city had not retained his (paper) records from 4 years ago. But considering that this was a major surgery after being a customer for a relatively short time, I felt very lucky to be one of their customers. I can't imagine how one would do this better.

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orthopedic surgery
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Over $1000

Great Dane

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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