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Our Sammie of 10 years died of an illness that lasted 18 months. His medical bills and prescription drug bills added up to $8000.00. We were blind sided by his diagnosis. We were unprepared for the cost involved in maintaining his quality of life, we had no pet insurance. After our doggie past we brought a new Sammie pup into our home and the first thing we did was enroll him in Healthy Paws pet insurance. We chose Healthy Paws after doing much research and comparing other insurance plans. We found Healthy Paws to be the most comprehensive plan for our pup, with the least exclusions of any other plan. 3 Months after enrollment, our 5 month old puppy got into something nasty and spent five days in a hospital being treated for liver failure due to toxicity. it was very comforting knowing Healthy Paws had our back. We were able to put all our energy in getting our puppy well, rather than spending time worrying how we were going to pay his medical bills. Claims were reimbursed immediately with no hassles. Can't say enough about Healthy Paws.

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poison liver failure
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