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Meeka urinated on an area rug. Urinating outside of her box is unusual. I was concerned that Meeka might have an infection. X-Rays and blood tests proved she was/is perfectly healthy.Doctor suggested I change the product I use to clean her box and look to see if some thing outside could be upsetting her.
I clean Meeka's box with Dawn now and I've chased away a cat that was going into the back yard and a different cat that was coming to close to the house in front.
It's been months and Meeka has not gone outside her box once.
Meeka was not physically ill but she was overly stressed.
Healthy Paws Insurance processed and reimbursed me before Meeka's blood tests results came in! Than I received a follow up email and the HPI representative was just as pleased as I was to learn that Meeka was/is not "sick" and it was a simple case of her being stressed/upset.
I don't know if it was the soap I was using to clean her box, one or both of the strays or a combination of ... Honestly it doesn't matter. All I care about is Meeka is stress free and because of Healthy Paws Insurance I am financially stress free.

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