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Our little Yorkie scared us so badly when his belly expanded to the point we thought his tummy skin was going to burst! We rushed him to a 24 Hr. Emergency Vet office on a weekend night, and they drained 2 liters of liquid out of his belly. Made him feel so much better but still needed testing and care, which our wonderful Vet Doc took care of. However the cost was really up there, but at the time, that really didn't matter. We were just so concerned with our Mickey. However, once he was better, and Christmas was upon us, spending the money we did was really putting a strain on our budget. We are retired with 6 grandkids nearby, and decided we would not let the tight budget stop us from having a great Christmas with our grandkids. We would have to work out the cost when the bills came in January. But Pets Best was there to help! True to their word, they covered a large portion of our Vet bills! Within 10 days of filing our claims, which covered almost 2 weeks of Vet visits and treatments, Pets Best came through with their advertised claim reimbursement. I was able to scan and email all of my vet bills for the 7 different Vet visits and treatments, and Pets Best covered 80% after our $100 deductible. They were GREAT!! The money was back in our bank account within 2 days of notification. They are super professional, so helpful in filing a claim, and informed me of a couple of problems they were having with getting the actual Vet records sent to them. All around an easy process to send the claim in, and the speed with which it was handled was amazing. Thanks so much to everyone at Pets Best. We are so happy we signed up with YOU 7 years ago! Perfect name- PETS BEST is without a doubt THE BEST for pet owners!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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