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I had never thought about pet insurance before. Until our dog Maya. We spent a fortune at the vet even before her diagnosis of a torn cruciate which can only be repaired with surgery. and if one knee goes, the odds are very high the other one will go the same way. Now that she has two bionic knees, she's my best hiking companion ever but I won't be buying my new car just yet. So when Cookie came in to our lives no one could convince me that pet insurance would be a waste of money. And before she turned two Cookie came back from a walk with a slight limp, at first it inconsistent and barely discernible. We thought possibly growing pains but once the limp became more pronounced and localized the surgeon diagnosed her with elbow displaysia. Again, the diagnosis can cost as much or more than the surgery itself but this time I hoped I was better prepared. Cookie is now about ten months post op and it's obvious the level of pain she was experiencing has been greatly reduced. There is no way I can express my gratitude to the ones who have had my back throughout Cookie's ordeal. I'm not even certain it's over yet, but now I know I can count on support from the responsive, caring and reasonable people who make up the company Petplan.

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elbow displaysia
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