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We've had Healthy Paws for two years now--since we adopted our then-8, now 10-year-old pug, Murphy. They have helped us with some major unexpected events a few times--the most recent being a surgery to remove two mast cell tumors. This was stressful enough--devastating, actually. Having our senior pug go through anesthesia and surgery and waiting for test results to let us know if the cells were of an aggressive nature or not was absolutely horrible. But what wasn't horrible was knowing that, no matter what happened, Healthy Paws would be there to help out. The last thing we wanted to be thinking about was money and we were going to do whatever was best for Murphy, no matter what, but vet bills add up really fast and it's stressful to have to start driving up the credit card. But we didn't need to do that. In fact, Healthy Paws approved our claim within 24 hours, and the check came just a couple days later. They also followed up personally a couple times to see how Murphy was recovering. This has been our experience with every claim. Our first claim did hit a few snags, but when we, our vet, and Healthy Paws customer service all communicated together about it, everything turned out just fine! And because of that, I'm all the more impressed with them. Their customer service is really great--they seem to really care about your pet and they want to help you as quickly as possible. I've recommended them highly to friends and family, and at least a couple of them have or are taking me up on it. We will definitely never drop it.
(And for the record, Murphy's doing great!)

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mast cell tumor surgery
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