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I have filed several claims for my 8 year old dog. While the process to file is easy, it took a very long time to get any response as to the result. Also, every time I have filed, I get an email about two weeks later saying more info is needed from the vet and I have two days to fax the info in or the case is closed. This is a serious pain and inconvenience, especially when I receive this on a Friday evening. I recently filed about four claims. I received an EOB on the claims that were denied, but have yet to receive an EOB on the claims that are going to be paid. The only way I discovered was by logging on to the account and checking for myself. Still waiting for my check.

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Eye problem


Claim Amount
Over $1000

Basset Hound

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 01/30/2015

Hi Melissa,
Thank you for being a Pets Best customer.

When additional information is needed from the veterinarian to process a claim, we send several requests to the veterinarian and advise the policyholder as well. We allow 10 days to return records. If there is no response from the veterinarian, we send the policyholder a notice giving you a few more days to provide the information. If the claim closes when the information is received, the claim will promptly be re-opened and processed. We want your claims experience to be as positive as possible, so if you have any additional questions or would like further details on this particular issue, please give us a call.


Pets Best Customer Care