Pet Insurance... So glad I got it!

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This review is for overall care for my dog. The total amount is for the amount accured over the past year...
At the beginning of 2014 I decided to get pet insurance for two of my 3 dogs. The third dog has hip issues, and I didn't think having insurance would help her... I am going to add her in when I renew.

I believed I was never going to need the insurance. Boy, was I WRONG! In July, Eve, my youngest St. Bernard started vomiting blood! She's had multiple meds, multiple Dr's visits, and tests (including an EGD, with a biopsy).

The Dr. says she has IBD, and thank God... no cancer cells were found. The Dr. is hopeful some new meds might help her feel a lot better. My poor baby went from 100 pounds, down to 88 pounds. There is nothing more pathetic than a skinny St. Bernard.

She's my forever puppy. She's my helper. When she felt better, and I couldn't get up from the floor, she would come over and stand sideways allowing me to use her hips, and shoulder as leverage to stand up. How could I not help her after she helped me?

Embrace has made treating her not such a financial burden. The money I put into the insurance was the best money I could have spent. Knowing I was able to treat her... has put me at ease.

Thank you, Embrace! I am so glad I chose you!!!

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IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Saint Bernard

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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