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I am a first time dog owner. I am generally too lazy to get on and submit reviews for anything. I am usually not overly impressed by companies. But I really am happy to be able to help anyone else looking for pet insurance since we've had such an awesome experience with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.
A little info - our dog, Bella, is currently (December 2014) about 2 and a half. We first got insurance for her when she was about 10 months old. A friend of mine had a dog that ate a small toy and required a $1,200 surgery. It got me concerned enough about the cost of care for Bella that I pursued getting insurance for her. While others advised me against it, I decided to get pet insurance because I didn't want to have to choose between good care and the financial issues surrounding illness.

First, let me say that I researched a ton. I took into account reviews, deductibles, co-pays, other out of pocket expenses, covered services, etc. I looked at all the major insurance providers. While there may be other viable options out there, I chose Healthy Paws.

Second, I am very glad I not only chose to get insurance for Bella, I feel fortunate that we chose such a great company in Healthy Paws. Why? Well, about 5 months ago Bella completely ruptured her ACL in one leg and tore the ACL in her other leg. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to choose between getting Bella walking again versus the expense of two major surgeries. While I hope you and your pet never have to go through what's required to fix ACLs, if you do, having Healthy Paws with you along the way will make it better.

Third, here's why I unquestionable recommend Healthy Paws (and talk about them to anyone I can).
1. They were fair and upfront with what they cover (illnesses, accidents) and what they don't cover (exams, pre-existing conditions). When Bella first was injured, we talked with Healthy Paws about the kind of care she was going to need and what would be covered. This is the part I dreaded because this would be the time when I really figured out if Healthy Paws was who they said they were. They were.
2. Their Customer Service really is excellent. By "excellent" - I mean that they always either answered my calls or they returned my call very quickly. They also communicated with me what I could expect and what I should do to ensure that my claims were handled properly. They also really care about Bella - when is the last time an insurance company has

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Torn ACLs
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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