they dont tell the truth regarding the insurance

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We have used Banfield for the closeness of our home.We had an issue a couple years ago where our dogs waundered off and only one came back. We searched for 2 days calling all around and also called Banfield in case someone found our dog to notify us.They have been with Banfield for years. We were heart broken the 2nd day we walked our neighborhood to finally have a young man tell us they found the dog Sunday night and brought him to Banfield.We immediately rushed up there and when we asked if they had our dog the front desk girl was very hesitant. we asked to speak to someone else to only find out that other girl had take our dog home, and which should be against the rules and had we not come in she was keeping him.He is a pure bred.When my husband spoke to the vet he felt so bad he chipped both of our dogs for free. But she never got fired. We took them back for their yearly checkup and teeth cleaning and everytime they try to tell us stuff is wrong with the dogs. I refuse to pay more money to Banfield since we pay 65.40 each month for the better plan. Now our older dog passes away this past weekend we decide to call and cancel since we moved and I dont trust our only dog to go there, since he is the one the girl tried to keep and I am told we have to pay 7 more payments on the bill.This is robbery and crazy and the better business bureau should investigate these pet hospitals. I am highly aggrevated and hope my writing deters others from visiting there.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 03/01/2015

I'm sorry about what happened with the girl trying to keep your dog but it sounds to me like that was a reflection of HER character and has nothing to do with the insurance plan Banfield offers. Also, YOU are the one that lost two dogs, so really the whole situation would have been avoided if that wouldn't have happened in the first place. Also, it's very clear in the contracts that the cost of the plan is spread out over the time to make it easier to pay for. If your animal passes away, gets lost, or you give it away you are still expected to finish paying the plan off. It is NOT an insurance plan, it is a wellness plan with cost spread out over time. Anyone could go pay $70, go in and receive $600 worth of services and then say their dog died and cancel the plan just so that they could receive those services for free. That's why you sign a CONTRACT up front stating that you will pay the full amount of the plan regardless of what happens. If you weren't prepared to do that then you simply should not have signed the contract and went with some type of insurance provider instead. I hate to see all of these ridiculous reviews that are blaming Banfield for their own mishaps, or their own ignorance in how the contract works. I have been using Banfield for several years and used it for both of my dogs from the time they were puppies. I have saved THOUSANDS of dollars over the years and have very healthy, happy dogs because of it. One of my dogs has a gastro disorder, and I have to take him in several times a year. If I didn't have this plan I would have spent thousands by now JUST in the office visit fees.

Posted: 12/29/2014

You need to contact the BBB. You can do it online. Don't be afraid to, they're usually great! I used them for a Dell computer years ago, not a word from Dell but a brand new, not refurbished computer delivered 3 days later! Go for it so it's documented for others to see at the least. I bet you don't have to pay 7 more payments.

Posted: 06/22/2015

Bonnie, what a terrible experience and I am sorry this happened to you. To Lab Mom - In response to your comments. 1 - I am sure you have saved thousands of dollars using their Wellness Plan vs paying their outrageous prices. For example a full set of xrays for my dog was $500 at Banfield but at 2 other vets in the area the standard charge is $125. 2 - I am certainly not ignorant of contracts, including the fact it is the law in this state, as well as stated in their own contract, that a person may cancel the contract for any reason within 4 business days of signing it. My dog died 3 days after signing the contract (a contract I was urged to purchase to offset the costs associated with what turned out to be their mis-diagnosis) and I contacted them the next day to cancel. It is 6 months later and I am still fighting over this while they continue to charge my card. I stand by my statement - it is a con.