Healthy Paws saved my dog

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When Sitka started holding her leg up, I was certain she was going to need knee surgery. Imagine my heartache when the surgeon discovered a large tumor rather than a blown knee. Certain specifics about the tumor lead the doctor to believe it may not be the primary source. An ultrasound confirmed there was another mass in her adrenal gland. I was crushed. We tried treating the leg tumor with various forms of chemo, but it continued to grow. After 8 months we made the difficult decision to amputate. The pathology of the tumor came back as being a relatively rare form of bone cancer that tends not to be aggressive. That leads the doctors to believe that perhaps the mass in her gland is benign. Fingers-crossed little Sitka will prove to be cancer-free and live a long life as a tripod.I will never again have a pet without insurance, and Healthy Paws has covered $7,000 plus in just my first year of their service.

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American Eskimo Dog

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