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A month or so my 15 month old Bernese Mountain Dog was very sick. I came home on a Friday and she didn't want to eat, so unlike her. She had an uncomfortable night and I took her to my vet. They x-rayed her and small intestine didn't look right. This was a Saturday morning and my suggested a 24hr animal hospital about a half hour away where all the doctors were board certified specialists. I didn't think twice and went straight there. They originally thought it was a bad gastro intestinal upset but she didn't respond to the medicine plus she had really bad bloody diarrhea. So on Monday the did an ultra sound and it was obvious she has intussusception where the small intestine telescopes on itself. They did surgery within an hour and had to take out 4 inches of her small intestine. If I didn't take her to that 24 hour vet hospital they thought she might of had 24 hours, because bacteria backs up and they become toxic. After the surgery she didn't want to eat, she was very nauseous. They said some dogs eat within a day and some it takes longer. They changed her meds around and finally on the third set of meds she started to eat. She literally didn't eat for a full week and was at the ER vet for 8 days. I knew the bill was racking up but I couldn't take her home until she ate. It was very comforting to know I had insurance with Pet Plan. I do $200 deductible and have 80% covered for emergencies. I had not had the insurance on this dog for a full year yet and my bill was $7,800. When I sent the claim in I literally apologized. At one point I had to call pet Plan and I apologized the girl was so nice and said this is why you have pet insurance. I got a check for $6,100 within 2 weeks. I have a 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog that had chips in her elbows when she was a year. It was my first experience with Pet Plan. She got the chips scoped out and has never had a problem and competes in dog agility today. Pet Plan was awesome then too. So I have had 2 great experiences with Pet Plan. The customer service is great, everyone I have spoken to is super friendly. I have always gotten payment with in 2 weeks and you can follow the claim online to see the progress. I honestly have not ever had a complaint with Pet Plan. It was a comfort when my pup went through this knowing I had some coverage.

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Bernese Mountain Dog

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1 - 8

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