Thank Goodness for Trupanion

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Our 2 year old cat Boo was attacked by my sisters' 2 Irish Wolfhounds on July 5th 2014. Boo then spent 2 months at our local vet clinic. She had 3 surgeries, did not eat for over 45 days living via a stomach tube but finally came home in early September. She was emaciated, bald all over and exhausted. The cost was over $10,000. Trupanion was with us every step of the way with prompt email updates, payment directly to the vet and even a refund check at one point. I spoke to them once on the phone and the rep was kind and helpful otherwise, we had to do almost nothing. Honestly I have never had such an easy, satisfying insurance experience, especially considering the cost and that it was for a cat! If we did not have insurance, my plump healthy cat would not be sitting on my lap making it hard for me to type this and purring right now. There is no way we could have afforded to save her. I would recommend Trupanion to any pet owner.

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