No regrets, so thankful for this policy!

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I rescued my 4 year old female border collie 5 months ago, and she is the world to me. I always scoffed at the idea of pet insurance, but I can say that I am SO thankful for the policy I took out for my Girl. She has had several tummy issues of late, which has been extremely stressful, and until last week, we were just treating the symptoms. I am fortunate to have taken out this policy, as it gives me the flexibility to have diagnostic tests done to see if my dog has something more serious. This past week was exceptionally a bad week for my dog, and I racked up over $1200 at the veterinarian's office. Thankfully, the folks over at HealthyPaws expeditiously handled all the claims, with no push-back, and within two days I had notification that the claims were settled and that a reimbursement check was on it's way. The policy gives me the peace mind that I can provide my dog with whatever she needs medically without breaking the bank. The staff over at the claims center and customer service is very helpful, and I was shocked to see the claims handled with so much ease. It really made a big difference, as I was already stressed out that my dog wasn't doing well. I am so thankful for this policy and this company. :)

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Border Collie

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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