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One of our family members, Nickolas, has undergone treatments for a disease that is on-going and serious if not promptly and properly treated. Nickolas is a 13-year old miniature poodle-mix whom had never experienced disease related issues until recently. The best treatment with the truly best vet's is not inexpensive. Trupanion has been loyal, faithful to its agreement with us, and made this difficult time for our family easier as we know that the expense won't become an issue in whether to provide suggested treatment. We have a no-deductible plan and Trupanion has been superior in its service promptness, and understanding. I can state with certainty that I don't know how we would be able to care for Nickolas's challenges without Trupanion. I also cannot fathom not having Trupanion. We suggest to all pet owners we meet they should seriously consider Trupanion if the don't OR if they have a different pet insurance. This is a great company!

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