Insurance great for my 9 yr. old cat.

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I have a 9 yr. old neutered Siamese cat I got from Siamese Rescue when he was two. He had very bad gingivitis resulting in my having to have most of his teeth extracted at age three; a very expensive vet bill resulted. After that he was very healthy until age 9 when he suddenly became ill with acute kidney failure. I quickly took him to my veterinarian where he was hospitalized for 5 days, came home for two, but relapsed and was hospitalized again for another three days. He has gradually recovered and is doing well with twice a week hydration and a phosphate blocker added to his food twice daily (he will not eat prescription kidney food). Luckily, I had taken out insurance on him with Trupanion the year before. Even with an $800 deductible, the insurance started picking up 90% of the eligible charges for the first hospitalization and has been paying 90% on all the subsequent charges connected with my cat's ongoing kidney disease. This has been a great relief to me as vet bills for some illnesses can be astronomical. I also have another cat insured with Trupanion and feel confident that I will be able to do my best for her if she has any unexpected medical problems. I consider my insurance premiums to be money very well spent!

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Renal (kidney)

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