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Several years ago, I adopted a 6 mos old terrier mix. He decided he really enjoyed chewing my furniture, beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, etc. At that point I started investigating pet insurance as I was afraid he would need surgery for eating wood. Luckily, that never happened and luckily I chose Healthy Paws as the best possible insurance after a very thorough investigation of all other options. My little boy, Ollie, just had surgery for a patella luxation (dislocated knee cap). This has been a very stressful ordeal as he can't run, jump, take walks for 8 weeks. He's on meds to calm his energy level and just wants to be a dog again. With all of this stress, Healthy Paws has been more than outstanding. His surgery was approved for reimbursement immediately. It was also recommended that he get physical therapy. Healthy Paws approved that too! I only wish that Healthy Paws would insure me! They are absolutely the best in coverage, so easy to work with and claims are approved and paid within days. I have told all of my friends about them. Last year I adopted a little girl who is now approx 4. She also has Healthy Paws.

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dislocated knee cap
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Over $1000

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