STRESS FREE and Customer Service ROCKS!!!

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I can't rave enough about this pet insurance and their customer service!!! I adopted a Cane Corso last year, and purchased this insurance because I simply figured, big dog/big bills..someday...little did I know it would be the following year. Simple points why I'm with this insurance company:
a. They say what they mean on their site. Yes, there's a grace period when one must be insured with them, which isn't long at all. And they DO insure your pet regardless of age or prior conditions. Herzog had had issues prior to adoption, and still he was covered, and he's not a puppy.

b. For those of us whom aren't rich, it's really comforting to be reimbursed within LESS THAN A WEEK of submitting ones' claim. It really makes going to the vet and getting help less stressful mentally and financially! Herzog tore his CCL and had TPLO surgery, everything from x-rays to pain medication to surgery, was all covered 90% and back in my wallet within days! It really is a stress reliever, especially since we have to go through this again in a few weeks, and extra large breed dogs have extra large bills....

c. When I made my first phone call, I got a real person on the phone. Whom was so pleasant, patient, and in, I made one phone call, got one person, and didn't get switched/moved to another person, she was able to answer all questions and provide information for what I didn't know.

d. Have you ever received a follow up letter/call asking how your pet is doing from the insurance company? Asking only about how your pet is healing and sending good's not necessary to do this, but talk about customer service and being simply considerate!!!!

Whether we are sitting in the Vet's waiting room, or when people walk by asking what happened, I always talk about "THANK GOD I GOT INSURANCE....We use Healthy's more than paid for itself..."

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torn CCL
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Cane Corso

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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