Embrace Helped Pay for Sage's Cancer Treatment

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When I purchased Embrace pet insurance for Sage, I never expected that I would have to file a claim for cancer. We had our first dog die of cancer in 2009. At that time we had a different insurance policy. When we lost our first dog, I was sensitized to the canine cancer issue and had Sage tested every way that I could think of for possible Cancer. He was tested even for bone cancer. At that time he had no signs of cancer. I did this because many of the articles I have read stated that more dogs die from this often because veterinary medicine often does not diagnose it in its early stages. So, I was shocked, horrified, and very afraid when the vet told me that there was a possibility that Sage had cancer. This was confirmed two days later. Sage has always been the one who looks out for the other family members. He intervened when one of our cats was attacked by another dog. He took charge of house training our new puppy, Rose, when she joined our home and did an outstanding job. If he hears one of our cats make nervous noises even if they are outside, he is the first one to investigate. So, he is an honored and loved member of the family. I was given three possible referrals from our vet, Dr. Hong Park and chose CVS, (California Veterinary Specialist) for the cancer evaluation and treatment. The staff and physicians there have been very comforting. We normally see Dr. Fitzpatrick and Maggie, the nurse/ vet assistant when we go to CVS. Through them I learned that Cancer treatment for dogs and cats is a little different than the treatment we think of when we think of the image of the “human cancer patient through the years.” I was afraid that I might cause more unnecessary suffering by treating Sage. This was not so. Treatment allowed Sage to perk up more than I’ve seen him for quite a while. Treatment has improved his quality of life tremendously and his quality of life will even improve more when treatment has ended. It is felt that Sage is in remission due to the treatment but he must finish the course of treatment to ensure that remission is stable.
It was comforting to know that Embrace would cover the treatment of Sage’s cancer. Starting treatment had some difficulties because Embrace is a reimbursement insurance and the cancer caught me and our family unawares. However, once treatment was started and I received the first insurance payment, Embrace has served to smooth the way for Sage’s future treatments and any follow-up car

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