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When I got my dog, I didn't think I needed medical insurance since she was only 12 weeks old. However, after listening to my friends about their vet bills I decided to check into getting medical insurance for my dog. After much research, I'd concluded that Healthy Paws was the best. They only take the deductible once a year, (like my medical insurance), where other insurances take a deductible with every bill submitted. Plus, Healthy Paws gave me a choice of how much % reimbursement I wanted.
I've had to use Healthy Paws twice now when my dog hurt her knee. As time when on, the pain became progressively worst, it was painful for her every time she wanted to play ball, run, and she was unable to go kayaking with me.

The vet started Bailey a less intrusive treatment with numerous Adequan shots and was put on Dasuquin tablets. The Adequan shots were about $90 each twice a week for 8 weeks. While getting the shots, Bailey was able to play like she always did, but it didn't last long. She started limping again and I could tell the pain was getting worst.

Finally, it was determined that surgery was the way to go since my dog is only 4 years old. She needed major surgery. A stainless steel plate was implanted on to her knee and thigh bone to stabilize the joints. Then she would need 6 - 8 weeks of physical therapy in addition to medication during her recovery.

The surgery cost over $5,000. If it weren't for Healthy Paws, I would have to take a loan out or set up a payment plan. But thanks to Healthy Paws I was reimbursed 90% within a couple of weeks and I was financially stressed free. As a result, I was able to concentrate on helping Bailey heal.
Thanks Healthy Paws you are the greatest!

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Major knee Surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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