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How can I get denied because of a pre-existing condition when 4 vets couldn't figure out what was wrong with my little girl? These people are the true scum of the earth. Don't waste your money. I'm confident that any positive review is from a vpi employee. Literally 4 vets, including neurologist and internal medicine specialist. No diagnosis. That's not what I'm upset about; these miserable scumbags said that it was a pre-existing condition. My kitty passed at the age of 10 months. She deserved better, so does anyone that cares enough for their pet to get insurance. VPI WILL NOT HELP!!!! They look for any excuse to get out of their responsibilities. Dog sh**. Pun intended.

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Posted: 03/11/2015

I know how you feel. Our dogs arrythmia was denied because they said she had cardiomyopathy - even though the vet notes cearly said that cardiomyopathy was RULED OUT after an echocardiogram and xrays. I tried to reason with them but there were beyond hearing anything but their trumped up fake diagnosis. It was really frustrating. We have had good luck on things that were very cut and dried like bee stings, etc........things that were not expensive!

Posted: 03/13/2015

I am going through the same with my dog. They are so horrible. If anyone reads your review and stops before they purchase, you have done your job! I am going to cancel and put the money away. This company is beyond HORRIBLE. Not only do they not pay, they over ride what a Dr. feels and they are rude and arrogant!