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VPI contacted me about a month ago to ask my opinion of their service, and suggested I write a review here. I responded to that email to raise several concerns I have, hoping to give them time to address those concerns before taking them to a public forum. Sadly, VPI ignored me and has not done anything to change my opinion over that time. I have had one claim denied because it is excluded under the "What we do not cover" section of my policy. That would be reasonable, but I have looked several times through the paperwork I received when I first got the policy AND I have searched through my online account and I cannot find that exclusions listing anywhere. Nor was I ever provided with a benefit schedule detailing exactly how much I could expect to be reimbursed for any given illness or injury. This leaves me in the rather uncomfortable position of having to submit claims blindly, wondering if or how much I will be reimbursed, with no way to verify that I have been reimbursed the correct amount under my policy. In short, I am okay with VPI so far, but definitely not thrilled. The uncertainty regarding what actually is or is not covered (and the lack of clear communication from VPI about coverage levels and exclusions when I initially signed up for the policy) is causing me to have real reservations about continuing the policy next year and for the rest of my dog's life. I am looking seriously at other pet insurance companies that have clearer, easier-to-understand policies so that I can know what to expect on any given claim. I have no doubt that the positive reviewers on this site really have had very good experiences with VPI, but their lack of communication and the lack of clarity regarding coverage is distressing for anyone who wants to KNOW what claims will be accepted or denied, and how much coverage to expect.

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