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As soon as I adopted my Georgie from the shelter, I added her immediately onto my insurance policy with Embrace that insured my other dog, Lucy. In the very early morning of 2/15/15 (a Sunday), Georgie yelped out in pain as she jumped off the couch. I knew something was wrong and when I checked her, I noticed her stomach was bloated and painful. I immediately got dressed and rushed her to the emergency vet hospital. They took her back and said she had sludge in her gall bladder and needed surgery. I told them to do whatever they needed to do. About 2 hours later they called me to tell me that when they did the ultrasound on her, they saw that she was bleeding internally because her spleen had ruptured and there was a tumor on the spleen which they thought was hemangiosarcoma - a deadly cancer. They said if it was hemangiosarcoma (which 70% of the time it is), she would have at most 6 months to live. Without the surgery, she would die in a day or so. I told them to do the surgery. They told me most people put their dogs to sleep when they hear the possible diagnosis. I'm not most people. My dogs are my family. She pulled through the surgery and they removed her spleen, the tumor and her gall bladder. I was devistated at the thought of her dying in such a short time but we wouldn't have the biopsy results back for a week. She was released the next day with staples running almost the entire length of her stomach but she was eating and drinking and recovering well. That Friday night, I got a call from the vet's office to let me know that they had biopsied the spleen, tumor and gall bladder and there was NO cancer in ANY of them!! She beat the odds!! The surgery was $4,500 but it was easy to make the decision to do the surgery knowing that Embrace would cover it. On 2/25/15, I had my reimbursement from Embrace in my checking account!! That's faster than my own personal health insurance!! I have seen posts on facebook in the past week from 2 other dog owners about the same symptoms/disease/cost and they put their dogs to sleep because of it. I'm glad that I decided to go with the surgery and play the odds because now I hope to have my Georgie for MANY years to come!! Thanks Embrace for being there and handling things so promptly!!

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ruptured spleen, tumor
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