The best pet insurance experience EVER

Out of 10

This is the second 10/10 review I have given - but the first was within the first year I was enrolled with Healthy Paws. I did a lot of research before signing up for pet insurance 3 years ago when I got my puppy. I made the best decision by enrolling with Healthy Paws. This company is so fast and efficient, and to top it off - incredibly caring. They have been reliable and quick to provide support for my dog multiple times.
Most recently my Cavalier King Charles, Elizabeth, had a bout of pancreatitis. It happened on a Sunday and she was throwing up blood so I took her to a 24-hour emergency care facility. They immediately treated her but the bill was somewhere around $800 and Healthy Paws processed the claim the day I submitted it! I received the check a couple days later. The claim process is super easy too. Plus they followed up with a caring email a week later to check in and see how she was recovering. Elizabeth has also had emergency services for a cat eye scratch (more like a slice) to her eye ball and knee surgeries when she was young. She's also been covered for ear infections, skin allergies, etc. I always recommend this company to all my friends who are considering pet insurance and let them know it is a must for a new puppy (usually puppy immune systems are weaker when young, or at least that was the case for Elizabeth). Do not even hesitate enrolling with this company if you are on the fence - it is such a relief every month to know I am covered if something happens to my most precious family member :)

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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