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I was given a Bulldog puppy and upon advice of friends bought the VPI insurance for both him and my other dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog. The Bulldog, Nibbler, had a near life ending accident shortly after we got the insurance. He either fell from quite a distance or was attacked by a deer (vet's guess), anyway it involved taking him to an emergency vet in the area we were at and then after we got home he had to go to an emergency vet and remain under oxygen as he had a puncture in his lungs and difficulty breathing. When we found him his gums were already turning blue from lack of oxygen. We did not really have a chance to call the insurance company before getting him to a vet and I am thrilled that they didn't make that an issue, as I would not change what I did, because it was in his best interest to get him care as quickly as possible. I submitted the invoices and initially the claim was rejected, which I was a bit annoyed about, the letter said that they needed further info from the vet. This was difficult for the emergency vet we had used in another state but my vets forwarded them the necessary paperwork and happily they paid the claim with no further complications. I appreciate how quickly they paid once they received the info that they needed, it just required a few more trips to the vets I had used.

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Over $1000

American Bulldog

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Under a year

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