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My comments are not just for this claim but service for the last 8 yrs. Since I've had your insurance, the rates have continuously increased. I understand that but this last increase is $30 a month. Yet I don't get more coverage and you find more loopholes to keep from having to pay claims. I also believe the deductibles are per claim. My human insurance at least has a yearly deductible.

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Under $100

Labrador Retriever

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Posted: 11/18/2015

These are canned responses they are giving you for rate hikes. Insurance is a money-grubbing business. They raise your rates, lower your claim payouts and then finally, they cancel your policy. Typical insurance.

Posted: 07/09/2015

I agree with you. My insurance went up over 100% two years ago and then went up over 50% the following year. They say it's due to location and vet cost increases and I can tell you my vet bills did not double over the course of a year LOL. Any vet that did that would go out of business in a hurry.

Posted: 07/09/2015

Yes, I am having the same issue with this company. They constantly hit you with rate increases without offering any additional benefits to soften the blow! Terrible. Telling people to look elsewhere. I'm dropping them very soon.

Posted: 07/24/2015

Hi Kathleen, Thank you for being a loyal customer for 8+ years. Premium rates are determined by species, age, breed and geographic location, while also factoring in general inflation. When taken together, these factors predict the likelihood of a pet to need veterinary care, as well as the likely cost of that veterinary care. It’s important to note: our prices are not based on your personal claims filing history, and we don’t reduce or cancel coverage based on your pet’s age. Deductibles are now met annually, rather than per incident. Sincerely, Pets Best Customer Care 1-877-738-7237