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My six-year old husky mix developed two fat lumps recently - I contacted Embrace about having them removed - Embrace declined saying that my dog had a pre-existing condition, a small pink raised bump in her armpit that had been looked at by my vet several years ago. The bump went away on its own and never come back. I contacted Embrace about the claim denial and they said for me to have me vet send a letter sating her opinion on what the lump was. I did that but felt little hope that the outcome would be good. Most health insurance companies animal and human are in the business of making money and one way of doing this is by turning down claims using a plethora of loopholes. I have to say I was quite surprised and happy that Embrace read my vet's report and reversed their decision. I might also add that I researched the top pet insurance companies obsessively before deciding on Embrace - Glad I did - Thank You Embrace

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fat lumps
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Over $1000

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