premiums have more than doubled in 2 years!

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As far as the company and service, they are great and easy to work with. My dog had an eye issue that was paid for costing I believe around $2k I never want to have to make choices about the care for my dog based on money. My problem is that I paid about $60/quarter for 2013 in 2014 that went up to $94.26/quarter and 2015 will be $123.27/quarter. It's more than doubled in 2 years. I'm on here looking for a new insurer

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Eye problem

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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/21/2015

The exact same thing happened to me. Mine went from $1110 for two pets and went up to $2668 in one year. I believe it's because they changed underwriters. I had no choice but to downgrade the coverage I had been paying for a few years. Then I thought I was over the hump when I got my renewal for this year except it went from $1841 to $2653 and they happily shared the news that my coverage now covers congential diseases on my senior pets. When i asked about it, I was told the same thing you were told...location, cost of vet care in my area, etc. Oh and coverage of the congential diseases was part of the increase too.
I don't know about you, but my vets costs have not double or tripled in two years. You get trapped because you get pre-existing conditions and you can't change insurance companies.

I immediately removed one of my younger pets and changed him to another insurance. People considering Pets Best need to know this. I recommended a couple of friends to Pets Best and now I feel horrible. One of them has a senior pet and when she told me her annual premium, I just about fainted. If your pet only has one or two pre-existing, non chronic conditions, I would consider changing insurance companies. Good luck to you!

Posted: 03/23/2015

Dear Jessica,
The rates for the policy are subject to annual review, and are determined by a number of factors including the breed of your pet, the age of your pet, your location, and the cost of veterinarian care in your area. It’s important to note: our prices are not based on your personal claims filing history, and we don’t reduce or cancel coverage based on your pet’s age.

We have several options to reduce the premium. By lowering your reimbursement percentage or increasing your deductible, we’re able to help find a more comfortable premium price. Please let us know if you would like quotes for any of the options mentioned above and we will be happy to review them with you.

Pets Best Customer Care