Healthy Paws is Exceptional. Period.

Out of 10

I researched pet insurance companies for months before going with Health Paws. When I did sign up I submitted all my dog's previous vet bills, and in a few days they let me know what they would be able to cover and what they wouldn't - no surprises. (I don't like surprises!)
I cannot thank Healthy Paws enough for being there for me recently when I needed it. Without this pet insurance, I would have had to make some very tough choices regarding my dog's care due to costs. You take out insurance hoping you never have to use it, and then an emergency happens.

I was worried that if I ever did have to file a claim that maybe I missed something in small print somehow - but that hasn't been the case at all! I have had all my claims attended to in 24 hours or less, and have received reimbursement checks within seven days.

Healthy Paws was the one thing that has been easy through all of my dog's hospitalization. I had my sister sign up all three of her dogs, too after seeing the insurance really is as good as they say.

Someone from Healthy Paws even emailed me to check on my dog's well-being and asked me to give her a hug from them and let me know we were both in their thoughts. I've certainly never had a human insurance company do that! Yet another reason to love Healthy Paws! : )

I highly recommend Healthy Paws. They are exceptional. Period.

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liver damage
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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