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My daughter and husband have two wonderful dogs. Summer is a full breed Corgi nine years old and Peyton is a beagle/border collie mix who they rescued. He is around seven. Knowing how costly a single illness can be I decided to look into pet insurance for my precious grand puppies. After doing research on five different companies I decided to go with Pet Plan because they were the only company that cover conditions associate with individual breeds. My decision to choice Pet Plan was the right one.
Summer who never had any problems started having difficulty breathing. While at the vets office for a chest x-Ray Summer stopped breathing. The vet brought her back and said something was very wrong and told my daughter to take her to a speciality facility. They immediately did that and within a few hours she was put in an oxygen tent on 100% oxygen. They gave my daughter an estimated bill of $4500.00 to $6500.00 treat her. My daughter was able to sign that consent with no worries knowing she had insurance. For my part, it did exactly what I wanted. It allowed my daughter the ability to not have to say "i can't afford this" or as my daughter would do, go in debt to take care of her baby.

After four days in the hospital Summer came home diaganosied with a chronic breathing disorder. Much like COPD in humans. Now it was time to submit the claim. As per our policy if you use a speciality facility it pays 80% of the bill rather then the normal $200.00 deductible unless it is a life threatening condition. This incident was but we thought for sure we would have to fight them on that. Well about four weeks after submitting the claim we get a check for every penny minus the 200.00 deductible. No arguments no problems. We were thrilled that Pet Plan lived up to their word.

This incident occurred a year ago. Unfortunantly my daughter has two dogs with new medical issues and in ten months Pet Plan has paid out $7,001.00 in claims for Summer and Peyton. The initial claim takes about one month for payment but additional claims for same condition get paid in about eight to no more then fourteen days. We have not had a single dispute with them over them not paying for something that should have been covered. Also, if you need to call them you speak with the most compassionate caring people who truly care about your pet.

I encourage anyone to try and fit pet insurance into their budget as it gives you peace of mind and relievs some of the stress when your fou

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Breathing disorder
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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