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I purchased pet plan for my German Shepherd puppy 3 years ago with my primary thought being “insurance” for potential hip dysplasia and after my research I found that Petplan had one of the best reputations for covering this type of condition. Well in the last 6 months and after extensive Dental repair and a recent ACL surgery Pet plan has given me checks totaling over $5000. Their preapproval program has been simple to submit and has helped to quickly alleviate the financial stress that has come from these procedures. Submitting claim paperwork has been seamless and the refund checks have come within two weeks. I certainly went with the right insurance Company for my pet and I tell everyone and anyone that will listen how great Petplan is.... My Dog is everything to me and the peace of mind that I have in knowing that Petplan is behind us helps me to sleep at night.

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ACL/Dental work
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 12/06/2014

My cat had an infected wound in the leg due to being bitten. Pet plan looked at the 500.00 vet bill and instead of charging 1 one hundred 100.00 deductable, they aid the wound was 3 different diseases all from 1 incident. Then they charged 100 for each disease. i wound up with 200 from a 500 claim. They also charge double the montly premium once a year. so if you pay 25 it will be 50. Very tight wad company and highly suspicious of all claims .