Never thought I would need this insurance.

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I got my French bulldog puppy Ava at three months and signed her up for VPI right away, more as a safety net, but not really thinking it would need it until much further down the road. My dog enjoyed three solid years of uneventful good health until one morning when she could not stand on her hind legs. The local vet said that it was something serious and neurological. The next day Ava had an MRI and emergency surgery to repair two ruptured discs on her spine. The bill was $7000. Without VPI this would have been a financial catastrophy for me. Ironically, later that summer Ava had a severe skin infection that required three vet visits and scrapings. Again, VPI helped me to manage these bills. Today my beautiful dog is running on the beach and her skin looks perfect. I am grateful to VPI. I think all dog owners should explore pet insurance. Even the healthiest dog can become sick suddenly. I'm glad I have VPI.

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Ruptured discs in spine
Claim Amount
Over $1000

French Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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