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I have to admit that my dog hasn't had a lot of health issues, which is good. She did have a non-sectable (couldn't be surgically removed) liver tumour, which ended up being treated by embolisation. I'll admit that I would have had her treated even if I didn't have VPI insurance, but I did see some reimbursement: a little over a third of what I paid (34.5%). The percentage for the total amount of treatment came out as 38.7% on a total that was close to $9500. That's better than nothing, and seriously better than not having insurance. Yes, you will not see complete coverage for treatment, but the amount of reimbursement helps keep the costs from getting out of hand. The claims are usually processed fairly quickly; however, the embolisation claim did take a bit longer than normal (almost 3 weeks). If you really think about it, our pets are family members and deserve to receive the best medical treatment we can give them.

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non-sectable liver tumour
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Chinese Crested Dog

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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