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Our beautiful Golden Retriever, Sandra Dee, began throwing up and acting lethargic on a Friday morning so we took her to our vet. X-rays indicated that her intestines looked odd. They sent us home with some medicine but Sandi got worse. That evening, my wife took her to the emergency vet, where they discovered intestinal blockage for some unknown reason. Exploratory surgery, the next morning, discovered a twisted intestine which required resection of 34 inches of blood starved bowel. This life threatening condition and intricate surgery resulted in a nearly week long stay in the hospital and an 8 week recovery period. The vet bills were enormous but we were pleasantly surprised when PetPlan wrote us with their decision to pay a significant portion of the bill, right up to the annual limit of our policy. Sandra Dee is healthy now thanks to our surgeons and PetPlan insurance.

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twisted bowel
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Golden Retriever

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