Second Dogs with Cancer

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It was a combination of fear and good fortune that we ended up getting insurance on our three dogs when we did. We had some people close to us go through some major medical issues with their pets which got us thinking, but it was when we noticed our youngest dog seemed to be eating rocks that we got some urgency as we realized that an obstructed bowel could be serious. Well it turns out that if she was eating rocks then it was just a phase that never caused any real issues, but both of our other dogs have since been diagnosed with two different types of cancer. The first had a bone cancer that resulted in having half of her bottom jaw removed. I am happy to say that almost 2 years later that she is still cancer free. The other was diagnosed with Lymphoma last year and has been in treatment ever since. As this cancer cannot be cured, all we can do is try and keep it at bay while trying to maintain a high quality of life for him. What the insurance has done for us has made making the hard decisions a little easier. I can also say that Pet Plan has done everything that they said they would do without a lot of red tape of hassle, which is kind of what I expected from dealing with my own medical insurance. After our experience with our dogs, we will never be without pet insurance again as I do not know how we would have been able to financially handle both illnesses occurring in so short of a period of time and I do not know if we would have been able to make the same decisions we have made without having the assistance from Pet Plan.

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