My pet insurance is worth it, simple as that.

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My mom's two dogs were always the trouble makers when it came to vet bills, and she eventually got pet insurance for both of them and added my dog as well. I figured I wouldn't need it. Insurance for ourselves is a given, but it's been completely worth it to have it for my dog Joe. Minus some minor very obscure incidents, he didn't have any real problems until July 2012 when he broke his canine tooth and needed surgery. This was about $500. Then in August 2013 he had major bloat with mild symptoms to say the least. This is a serious problem if your dog experiences this, so I took him to the vet one morning and by early afternoon he was in surgery. His stomach and spleen were twisted in half, and he had a 4lb fatty tumor pushing on his stomach. This vet trip was over $3000. Most recently, he had two lumps on his side, requiring yet another surgery for about $600. Because none of these were pre consisting medical problems, my insurance covered the vet bills. In just two years I'd racked up over $4000 in vet bills, and if I didn't have insurance for Joe I don't know what I would have done. I pay $30/month, and it has been completely worth it. Like many people, I don't have that kind of money at my disposal, and the ASPCA has been wonderful (I also adopted my dog from one of the ASPCA shelters in Nevada). They called me after each surgery just to ask how Joe was doing, and they really, honestly cared. This means so much to me.

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Broke canine tooth (2012), bloat with twisted stomach/spleen, 4lb tumor (2013), 2 tumors requiring surgery (2014).
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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