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We've never had pet insurance before, but we've had such a great experience with Healthy Paws it's hard to imagine ever going with anyone else. Our cat ended up at the emergency vet when he was only a year old with a blocked urethra. It was an expensive experience that motivated us to get pet insurance. Though the blocked urethra issue isn't covered since it's a preexisting condition now, our cat is only 2 years old and we've already had the support of Healthy Paws through two more emergencies since this kitty likes to eat things that aren't food and then those things get stuck is his intestines! He's had two surgeries, both of which would have been totally impossible for us financially without Healthy Paws. They've also really understanding and supportive on the phone with customer service. The second surgery I was in the vet's office deciding if we could go through with another surgery when I called Healthy Paws and they assured us the operation would be covered by our insurance within 30 minutes of my first phone call to them. I highly recommend Health Paws.

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foreign body in intestinces
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