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I bought my 1st policy from Embrace alomst a year ago. They've made so many mistakes, I can't name them all, from asking the wrong vet for info on my dog to processing a medical/wellness claim as just a wellness claim. Now they refuse to pay any portion(including Heartguard) for that claim. They say they can't get the info they need from the vet (that lying vet said they gave them all the info they asked for-when they finally asked the right vet). Apparently, this is a normal tactic to avoid paying a legitimate claim. They haven't paid any medical claims (deductible),and wouldn't have to for this claim; they just use it as an excuse not to pay the wellness claim. This is the kind of company that gives insurance a bad name.

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Posted: 11/06/2015

Susan, I'm frankly very perplexed about your comments. I see we have covered every claim you've sent in and paid out over $2,600 on accident/illness claims and $800 for wellness claims. Can you email me through the Contact Us page with more specifics so I can look into it more?