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My dog was shaking and would not eat his own food or human food so I knew something was wrong. I decided to bring him to the emergency vet. Once I was there, they suggested an x-ray and a blood test which was not inexpensive but I knew I had to do it. It was around 900.00 dollars for that visit. They sent him home with me but 24 hours later I received a call that I needed to bring him back to get an ultra sound as his liver enzymes were rocket high. I brought him in the next day and had his ultra sound done. They found mucocele in his gallbladder and that he need to have an emergency surgery as they believe that it had burst. They had told me it would cost anywhere from 6k to 10k. I love my dog so I had to have the high risk surgery as if he did not have it he would die for sure. I had heard nightmare stories about pet insurance companies so was doubtful that I would ever see the money again. My vets put in the claims for the emergency room visit and the approximately $7,500.00 surgery.
I am happy to say that PET PLAN came through and I had to do absolutely nothing. The claim was filled and I received a check for 80% of my vet bills (that is the plan I signed up for). They also took care of my follow up blood test as well. I am so grateful for PET PLAN as this could have really set me back but instead, thanks to Pet Plan Insurance I was covered!!!!

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mucocele in his gallbladder
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Border Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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