Pets Best exceeded my expectations!

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The service we received from Pets Best was so good I am at a loss for adequate words to describe it. Five years ago my son died in an accident and I was lost and broken; that's when a 1 pound ball of fluff came into my life and saved me. I named him Murphy and he means the world to us. He is a black and white Shih-Tzu mix and we love him so much! When he got sick and was in the hospital his prognosis was bleak. I visited him 2 times a day and every time I was there I encountered people in tears over their pets. The ones that ripped my heart out were the ones that were making the choice to put their pet down because they did not have the money to pay for their medical needs. One family came in after their Lab was hit by a car. The 2 kids were pleading with their dad to save their dog but he said he couldn't afford to have the surgery done. They had to have the dog put down. As I sat there witnessing these sad scenes I was so relieved that I had made the choice to have pet insurance on Murphy. I didn't have to worry about making that horrible choice. He received wonderful care at West Vet and came home to us July 24th. On July 29th I submitted the claim and on Aug 8th I received a check from Pets Best! Amazing, a company that actually does what it says it will do!!!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Shih Tzu

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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