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I have two insurance's one for my older Pug, Healthy Paws and one for my younger pug, Embrace. When I first got the insurance, my Vet faxed over my medical records to each insurance company. Embrace immediately let me know what was covered and what wasn't due to preexisting conditions and I had no issues filing claims and getting reimbursed. I heard nothing from Healthy Paws, and thought everything was fine and continued making my payments, about 4 months into coverage I make my first claim, first they tell me they don't have all his records, even though I know they did because they referenced a vet that they would only know I went to previously because it was in my current vet's notes, so after going back and forth with them for a few weeks about the vet records, they get back to me and tell me that because my dog was overweight they wouldn't cover a thyroid test, because it's considered a pre-existing condition. First of all my pug has never had a thyroid test before and tested negative for any thyroid issues, so how is that a preexisting condition? I also feel like it's a real stretch to say that being overweight in the past is a reason not to cover a thyroid test. I also think it's it's interesting that they had no problem taking my money for several months without having all the information they needed to ensure appropriate coverage. I cancelled immediately and wish I could put my older pug with Embrace, but they have an age cap, so I will be looking elsewhere. Buyer Beware.

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blood test
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 09/24/2014

It is always difficult for us to deny a claim for one of our pet parents. All of our claims processing is based on the medical records provided by you or your veterinarian. Navy's medical records showed he has a documented history of being overweight and he has been on special diets for this condition. His records indicate that your vet ran the thyroid test to rule out a possible metabolic reason for him being overweight. Since the signs or symptoms of Navy being overweight were pre-existing, we weren’t able to cover this test since it is directly related to a pre-existing symptom/condition.

We really appreciate your efforts in getting Navy’s records to us at enrollment. As part of our normal enrollment process, we do not need a pet’s medical records at enrollment to begin coverage. We normally request those complete medical records when the initial claim is made. Part of the delay with your claim was in the fact you also had a policy for Navy with Embrace and we needed to establish who would provide primary coverage in the event of a claim. Also, not knowing what illness or accident might be in an initial claim, it wasn’t until we received your first claim that we realized there was some missing information to make a claim determination. Even with our combined efforts, it did take longer than usual to get those additional records and we’re sorry for that delay. We’re sorry to lose you and Navy as clients, but hope everyone stays healthy and happy.

The Healthy Paws Team

Posted: 04/28/2016

I can't believe this! I'm trying to read up on all these insurers to decide what's best for my cat, and I'm starting to think I will be better off just putting aside a health savings account for my cats, rather than give my hard earned money to these bloodsuckers. It seems like they will go to whatever length they need to in order to deny a claim. Unreal!