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I never had pet insurance on any of my pets over the past 60 years but on the advice of my son I did get insurance on my present 3 year old Labradoodle and I am sure glad I did.My son has VPI on his two Labs and has for many years. Labs will eat anything and get into everything! When my Labradoodle was about 10 months old she got very sick and was diagnosed with IBD after many trips to the Vet, many tests including being scoped by a specialty vet, to determine why this healthy puppy was so sick. IBD is not something that is curable and there are recurrent episodes and flares. She is on medication daily but does have flares if she gets into and eats something in our yard. VPI has paid many claims without any problem or hesitation. I would never have been able to afford her care as I am on a limited income without VPI. I would recommend VPI to anyone who owns a pet.

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Inflammatory bowel disease
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