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We unfortunately had a house fire where four pets were trapped inside. We were not at home. We received a call from a neighbor who informed us of the house fire. We rush home to fine our two dogs in the front yard on their doggie beds. One deceased, one survivor. Thankfully the Clark County Fire Department made an attempt to rescue our pets from the house. Sadly, we lost a dog, a cat and an bird to smoke inhalation. Our surviving dog, Hank, a german shepherd, suffered sever smoke inhalation and was taken to the veterinarian for smoke inhalation, He was in very bad shape and I was afraid that we would lose him too. A large veterarian bill would have been more than we could have afforded at that time of the fire. Fortunately, We have Embrace insurance and the worry of a large medical bill was the least of our concerns. At the time we purchased Pet Insurance, I admit, I had wondered how wise a purchase it would really be. Since the fire I am convinced it was as important as purchasing health insurance for anyone in my family. Hank was in the hospitalized for ten days. Thanks to the great skill of our veterarian and Embrace, we were able to bring Hank home. The security of knowing that a large pet medical bill would be covered was the best part of Embrace Pet Insurance. The bonus was the reimbursement check we received from the medical claim. We use the money to have a electronic pet door installed when our house was rebuilt. The monthly premium payments are worth the sacrifice to insure that my Pets will receive the best medical treatment.

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respiratory/lung damage from smoke inhalation because house fire.
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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