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When i signed up for petplan from 2008 I did extensive research into numerous plans and i ended up choosing petplan bc of the flexibility in their poliy options. I have been very pleased with their speedy service at processing my claims. My most recent claim was for one of my cats who had an ongoing problem with her gallbladder which after multiple hospitalizations had to eventually be removed. The total of hospitalizations and subsequent surgery was in the range of $14,000 and based on the plan i had selected i had to pay approximately $1,000 out of pocket which over the period of time she was ill, was very affordable-thank goodness for pet plan- they literally helped me save her life!!! i cant express how less stressed i was when she got ill, just knowing she was insured under petplan. They have never given me a hard time with any of my claims on my cats (i have 9 on the plan)and would highly recommend this insurance to anyone. The premiums may increase a little every year but when you have a catastrophic illness it proves to be worth its weight in gold. I dont need insurance for the routine things because those are routine and as they say you can predict and budget for those - i think pet insurance is best when it focuses on the catastrophic emergencies because those can be so financially devastating and you absolutely cannot plan for those. To have to euthanize your pet because you cant afford to treat something that could be highly treatable would be devastating- wi

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recurrent cholecystitis
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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